Anti Aging Package

Anti Aging Package

Anti Aging Package by Vivoderm: Healthy skin shows up as beautiful skin. In order to achieve health, skin needs sufficient blood supply, hydration, moisture, oxygen and thickness. The Vivoderm anti aging regimen has been particularly designed to address these issues, helping skin achieve and maintain vibrancy, smoothness and ultimate beauty.

Starting with the natural facial cleanser, dirt and make up is gently removed. This natural facial cleanser respects the skin and promotes health and vitality by maintaining the skin’s natural moisture. The natural facial toner then enriches the skin with minerals and herbal astringents which hydrate, normalize, and tone the skin. The 100% herbal anti aging mask directly effects the skin’s blood circulation. Once on the skin, the mask promotes capillaries in the region to open up and blood circulation to intensify. A boost of oxygen is delivered to your skin. At the same time, the many enzymes and vitamins contained within the herbal mask are delivered to the skin. Your skin becomes alive and fresh. The intense facial moisturizer is filled with anti oxidants, vitamins and minerals. It will hydrate even the driest and dullest complexions. The zinc repairing cream heals, repairs, nourishes and protects your skin.

The entire anti aging regimen is designed to promote health, youth and radiance for your skin. Every product is designed to work in synergy with the others in order to restore and maintain flawless and fresh skin. If you have been using products which have damaged and dried out your skin, you must use the intense moisturizing cream morning and night for one week before using the anti aging mask. This is to rehydrate and heal your skin, preparing it for the mask.

Acne Treatment Package

acnetreatmentpackage-copy-300x285 ProductsAcne Treatment Package by Vivoderm: Acne is a problem that affects most people at some point in their lives. There are many different reasons why some people are more prone to acne. Whatever the cause may be, in order to treat acne, we must focus on gentle and consistent exfoliation, cleansing, and hydration to help normalize the skin’s oil production.

The Vivoderm acne regimen treats acne in natural, non toxic, gentle yet very effective way. We have designed our products to attack acne from many angles, leaving your skin healthy and blemish free. The natural facial cleanser gently removes excess oil, dirt and make up which could clog your skin. It cleanses your skin without stripping it of its natural moisture. The 100% herbal anti acne mask thoroughly exfoliates and cleanses the skin, unplugging the pores. The antibacterial properties of the herbs promote killing of acne causing bacteria. The enzymes and proteins in the herbs then catalyze the repair and rejuvenation process. The zinc repairing facial cream has anti bacterial properties which further kill acne-causing bacteria. It also contains minerals and vitamins that help rebuild, normalize and protect the skin.

The anti acne regimen promotes healthy, smooth and blemish free skin using nature’s best and most potent ingredients. This regimen attacks acne from all angles, making Vivoderm ideal for almost all types of acne for men and women. Our products have also been shown to help prevent new acne by maintaining a healthy skin condition.

Herbal Anti Acne Mask

Anti Acne Mask

This 100% natural blend of herbs is perfect for acne and blemish prone skin. It gently, yet thoroughly exfoliates, removing dead skin cells. The Vivoderm natural anti aging mask increases circulation, which promotes health and repair. We have formulated this product to penetrate the skin, unplug pores, and create an outlet for impurities. In addition we use herbs with natural antiseptic properties to attack acne causing bacteria. This anti-acne treatment removes dead skin cells and repairs blemishes without drying out the skin. The result is smooth, clear, blemish-free skin.

Herbal Anti Aging Mask

Anti Aging Mask

The secret to this formula, is the delicate mixture of the herbs in the exact amounts needed and their synergetic interaction with each other. This natural mixture exfoliates dead skin cells to reveal beautiful, radiant, soft skin while diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. At the same time it protects against future skin damage. This natural anti-aging mask refines the appearance of enlarged pores, purifies your skin, removes black heads and minimizes sun, acne and pregnancy spots. The anti aging mask increases your skin’s resilience, firmness and freshness.

Facial Cleanser

Facial Cleanser

This gentle yet effective facial cleanser, thoroughly cleanses and draws out dirt, make up, impurities and pollutants from your skin. Infused with botanicals and vitamins A and E, your skin is left extremely clean and hydrated, making it perfect for every day use. Since we use non-detergent and natural ingredients, the Vivoderm facial cleanser is also ideal for eye-make-up removal.

Facial Toner

Facial Toner

Our facial toner is a vital transition between cleansing and treatment. It is enriched with minerals and natural herbal astringents to purify, hydrate and normalize the skin. The grape seed and green tea extracts soothe and tone the skin preparing it to readily receive the maximum benefits of skin care to follow. Because our facial toner is alcohol free, it will never dry or damage your skin.

Zinc Repairing Facial Cream

Zinc Repairing Facial Cream

Replenishes and rebuilds, regulates oil production, sun protection. For normal to oily skin. Use morning and evening.

This natural facial cream is infused with the world’s most precious herbs and minerals. The Zinc Repairing Facial Cream maintains the skin’s moisture while diminishing the visible signs of aging. Zinc, the active ingredient of this cream is essential for tissue growth and healing. It is an antiseptic and antibacterial agent. Zinc naturally balances the production of the oil in the skin, making it very effective in prevention and treatment of acne. As a physical sun block, it naturally protects against UVA and UVB light and can be used as a natural, non-toxic sunscreen.

Intense Moisturizer

Intense Moisturizer

This cream is designed to quench extremely dehydrated skin. A combination of soothing plants, vitamins, anti-oxidants and minerals penetrate the skin to return moisture to it for up to twelve hours while adding a fresh glow.

This natural rejuvenating blend contains the traditional healing and regenerating power of nature for a softer, smoother, healthier looking complexion. Even the driest complexions are healed and aging lines and wrinkles become noticeably less visible after using the intense facial moisturizing cream.

If your skin is thirsty for moisture, this cream is perfect for you. We have used the most moisturizing combination of soothing plants, vitamins, anti-oxidants and minerals to penetrate your skin and return moisture to it for up to twelve hours. Your complexion will become softer, healthier and younger. You will notice wrinkles and age lines dramatically decrease with time.

Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream

antiwrinkleeyecream-150x150 ProductsVitamin rich and hydrating. The soft skin around your eyes is particularly vulnerable to stress, time and the harmful effects of the environment, thereby requiring gentle care from you. The Vivoderm anti-wrinkle eye cream is infused with exotic herbs, plants, minerals and a variety of vitamins such as vitamins A and E.

The anti-aging eye cream protects, hydrates, repairs and dramatically reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It delivers a boost of moisture to the delicate skin around the eyes and helps prevent future wrinkles.

Chamomile Body Butter

chamomilebodybutter-150x150 Products This all over chamomile body butter contains only Mother Nature’s safe and gentle ingredients.  It prevents against moisture loss by continuously supplementing skin’s own moisture levels.  It is enriched with precious herbs, vitamins A, E and Aloe Vera to provide soothing and nourishing emollients for all skin types.

Simply, apply to your body and enjoy your silky skin.

Cocoa Butter Foot Cream

footcream-150x150 ProductsCocoa Butter Foot Cream:  A highly effective treatment for cracked, dry and tired feet. The moisturizing foot cream’s rich and thick texture leaves feet soft, smooth and fresh.

The soothing cocoa butter foot cream works very well as diabetic foot cream. If you have dry, cracked and tired feet, this super moisturizing and rich foot cream is a perfect remedy.

Because it is extremely soothing and hydrating, it is also very effective for those who suffer from diabetes.